Here you find information "all around" yoga for children and answers to frequently asked questions.

Age of children
From when children can practice yoga...further

Group size
The ideal size for a group that wants to practise yoga is eight children. If more than ten children are involved, it becomes difficult to maintain concentration.

Where and how are yoga classes organised for children?
Read here...further

What can children achieve by practising yoga?
Which possibilities yoga can offer to the children and where the borders lie...further

What is different about children's yoga compared to yoga for adults?

What are the didactics of children's yoga like?
Which challenges put the children to the teachers and what these can do...further

Why are the terms used in children's yoga sometimes different?
You can read up this here...further

Yoga is no religion and does not lead to hinduism
Against occasional statements of cursorily informed yoga is no religion.
More in addition... here

I am standing as steady as a mountain
What is about yoga for children, where it comes from, how it is practiced and how it can work, describes Thomas Bannenberg here in an three-sided article...further

The natural masters of yoga
Article in Issue 8/9 of "yoga aktuell"...further

"Yoga does children good"
Article for autumn issue 2007 of "Kneipp News" of the
German Kneipp Association...further

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